The Brunswik Society

Brunswik Society Photo Gallery

  1. Photos from the Original Brunswik meeting, Landau, 2008

  2. Photos from the 2007 meeting in Long Beach

  3. Photos from the 2006 meeting in Houston

  4. Photos from the 2005 meeting in Toronto

  5. Photos from the 2004 meeting in Minneapolis

  6. Photos from the 2003 meeting in Vancouver

  7. Photos from the 2002 meeting in Kansas City

  8. Photos from the 2001 meeting in Orlando

  9. Scenes from the Millenium Meeting in Berlin

  10. 1999 Brunswik Society Meeting photos

  11. Ken Hammond, circa 1970 (Photo taken by Norman Anderson).

  12. Ken Hammond, Zeke Little, Peter Boyle, and the Cognigraph, circa 1969. (from Hammond, K.R. and Brehmer, B. (1973). Quasi-rationality and distrust: Implications for international conflict. In Rappoport, L. and Summers, D. A. Human Judgment and Social Interaction. New York: Holt, Rinehart, and Winston.)

  13. Group photo from Boulder Judgment Conference

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