The Brunswik Society Newsletter

Volume 16, Millenium Issue
Albany, New York

        This edition of the Brunswik Society Newsletter was edited by Elise Axelrad Weaver (, with the assistance of Suzanne Wissel (,and supported by the Center for Policy Research (University of Albany, SUNY) and the Center for Research on Judgment and Policy (University of Colorado, Boulder).   This electronic version was prepared by Junseop Shim ( 

Table of Contents/Research Summaries

Ken Hammond
Boulder, CO
Culminations, 2000
Tom Stewart
Albany, NY
Brunswik Society Website
Michael Doherty
Bowling Green, OH
Information Selection Dissertation and Brunswik Chapter
Kim Vicente
Toronto, Canada
In Defense of the Ecological Approach to Psychology
Mandeep Dhami
London, United Kingdom
Integrating Social Judgment Theory and Simple Heuristics
Ulrich Hoffrage
Berlin, Germany
Brunswik, the Berlin Way
Ralph Hertwig
New York, NY
Max Planck, Columbia, Representative Design, and Two Fast & Frugal Heuristics
Leonard Adelman, Sheryl Miller, and Cedric Yeo
Fairfax, VA
Interfaces and Time Pressure: Effects on Team Performance
Phil Dunwoody
Athens, GA
Base Rates from a Brunswikian Perspective
Alex Kirlik
Atlanta, GA
Situation Awareness
Claudia Gonzalez Vallejo
Athens, OH
Otitis, Multiple Cue Probability Learning, and Control Theory
Alexander Wearing
Melbourne, Australia
Optimal Hierarchical Command Styles in Dynamic Decision Tasks
Ann Bisantz
Buffalo, NY
Uncertainty, Confidence and the Lens Model
Shawn Noble
Boston, MA
Self-regulation, Feedback and Leadership Skills
Scott Tindale
Chicago, IL
The Use of Configural Information in Multi-Cue Judgments by Individuals and Groups
Kathleen L. Mosier, Jeffrey Keyes, & Roberta Bernhard
San Francisco, CA
Dealing with Conflicting Information
Manuel Miguel Ramos Alvarez
Jaen, Andalucia, Spain
Integration of Multiple Cues in Learning
Timothy Earle
Bellingham, WA
A Dual-Mode Model of Cooperation in Risk Management
Barbara Fasolo, Gary H. McClelland & Katharine Lange
Boulder, CO
Interattribute Correlations Influence Whether Decision Strategies are Option-based or Attribute-based
James A. Athanasou & Olu Aiyewalehimi
Sydney, Australia
The Role of Cue Intercorrelations in Students' Judgments of Course Interest
Elise Weaver & Tom Stewart
Albany, NY
Why Are Some Judges Better Than Others?
David Funder
Riverside, CA
Accuracy in Personality Judgments and a Commentary on Heuristics and Biases Questions
Mandeep Dhami
London, United Kingdom
Brunswik Symposium Submitted for SPUDM
Gérard Chasseigne, & Peggy Lafon
Tours, France
Aging and Rule Learning
James Hogge
Nashville, TN
Linking Generalizability Theory and Social Judgment Theory
Ray Cooksey
Armidale, Australia
Judgment Analysis, Think-Aloud Protocols, Cause Mapping, Image Theory and Neural Network Simulation
Jim Holzworth
Storrs, CT
Judgments about Union Representation, Crossing Picket Lines, Sexual Harassment Cases
Celia Wills
East Lansing, MI
Research in Patient Decision Support
Paul Sorum
Albany, NY
Physician Decision Making in Testing for Prostate Cancer
Robert Hamm
Oklahoma City, OK
Scripts as an Alternative Framework for Describing Medical Decision Making Robert Hamm
Junseop Shim
Albany, NY
Physicians' Perceptions of Guidelines Regarding Prostate Cancer Testing

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