The Brunswik Society Newsletter

Volume 14, Number 1
Albany, New York
Fall 1999 

        This edition of the Brunswik Society Newsletter was edited by Elise Axelrad Weaver (, with the assistance of Suzanne Wissel ( and Mary Luhring (, and supported by the Center for Policy Research (University of Albany, SUNY) and the Center for Research on Judgment and Policy (University of Colorado, Boulder).   This electronic version was prepared by Junseop Shim ( 

Table of Contents/Research Summaries

Tom Stewart
Albany, NY
Fighting Snow on the New York Thruway
Kenneth Hammond
Boulder, CO
Judgments Under Stress; The Essential Brunswik: Beginnings, Explications, Applications
GÚrard Chasseigne
Tours, France
Effect of Aging on Ability to Cope With Uncertainty in Learning Task
Mike Doherty
Bowling Green, OH
Extension of Probabilistic Mental Models
Petra Denig
Groningen, The Netherlands
Using Judgment Analysis to Improve Prescribing Decisions of Physicians
Peter Juslin
Umeň, Sweden
From Uppsala to Umeň
Joshua Klayman
Chicago, IL
Subjective Judgments of Confidence
Roy Poses
Providence, RI
Why Physicians' Practice May Not Be Evidence-Based
James Athanasou
Sydney, Australia
A Lens Model Analysis of Vocational Interests
Clare Harries
London, England
Forecasting, Judgment Modeling, Occupational Therapy, Ageism
David Funder
Riverside, CA
Accuracy in Person Perception
Ray W. Cooksey
Armidale, New South Wales, Australia
Exploring the Complex Dynamic Texture of Behavior
James Shanteau
Manhattan, KS
Evaluation of Expertise
Shawn Noble
Kansas City, KS
Conceptual Skills of Future Battle Commanders
Paul Sorum
Albany, NY
Prostate Tests; Diagnosis, Treatment of Otitis Media
Len Adelman
Fairfax, VA
Effects of Increasing Time Pressure on JDM
Mandeep Dhami
London, UK
Vicarious Functioning and Representative Design
Alex Kirlik
Atlanta, GA
Application of Brunswikian Ideas to Human-Automation Interaction
Werner W. Wittmann
Mannheim, Germany
Brunswik Symmetry: A Golden Key Concept
Ulrich Hoffrage
Berlin, Germany
Simple Heuristics That Make Us Smart
Robert Gifford
Victoria, BC
Studies in Personality, Intelligence
Linda Albright
Westfield, MA
Interpersonal Perception and Communication
Jeryl Mumpower
Albany, NY
Affirmative Action Policies in Admissions Decisions
James Hogge
Nashville, TN
Professional Performance, Reliability, Hierarchical Linear Models
Elise Axelrad Weaver
Albany, NY
Policy Persuasion; Correspondence, Coherence Correlations
Phil Dunwoody
Athens, GA
Research Projects on Adaptive Nature of Human Judgment
Aurelio JosÚ Figueredo
Tucson, AZ
Theory of Coercive Sexual Strategies
Timothy Earle
Bellingham, WA
Social Trust and Confidence in Environmental Risk Management
Kathleen Mosier
San Francisco, CA
Research on Pilot Use of Automation
R. James Holzworth
Storrs, CT
Studies in Social Issues, Individual Differences, New Brunswikian Resources
Manuel Migeul Ramos Alvarez
Jaen, Andalucia, Spain
Contingency Judgments
Robert Hamm
Oklahoma City, OK
Information Presentation in Prostate Cancer Screening

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