The Brunswik Society Newsletter

Volume 13 Number 1
Albany, New York
Fall 1998 

        This edition of the Brunswik Society Newsletter was edited by Tom Stewart ( with the editorial assistance of Sue Wissel (SW831@CNSIBM.ALBANY.EDU) and supported by the Center for Policy Research (University at Albany, State University of New York) .  This electronic version was prepared by Junseop Shim ( 

Table of Contents/Research Summaries

Kim Vicente
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Integration of Brunswik and Gibson
James Athanasou
Sydney, Australia
Perceptions of Interest: A Lens Model Analysis
James Athanasou
Sydney, Australia
Repeated Judgments of Interest in Vocational Education: A Lens Model Analysis
Dick Joyce
Allschwil, Switzerland
Individual Quality of Life (IQoL)
Leonard Adelman
Fairfax, Virginia
Team Adaptation to Time Pressure in Dynamic Environments
Nancy Innis
London, Ontario, Canada
Egon Brunswik and Edward Tolman
David Funder
Riverside, California
Accuracy in personality judgment
Dale Rude
Houston, Texas
Customer-Salesperson Relationships and Teaching the Lens Model
Robert M. Hamm
Oklahoma City OK
Medical decision making and judgment
R. M. Poses, M. Woloshynowych, & D. Mark Chaput de Saintonge
Why Do Doctors Disagree When the Evidence is Clear? - Physicians' Judgments of the Outcomes of Therapy for Patients with Heart Failure
Mandeep Dhami
London, United Kingdom
Nomothetic judgment analysis
Jim Holzworth
Storrs, Connecticut
Brunswikian research at the University of Connecticut
Michael Doherty
Bowling Green, Ohio
Bowling Green Pastures
Peter Juslin
Uppsala, Sweden
Research in Uppsala
Alex Kirlik
Atlanta, Georgia
Design and training problems in dynamic, high-technology and high-consequence environments
Ann Bisantz
Amherst, New York
Lens model research at Buffalo
Patrik Juslin
Uppsala, Sweden
Latest News on Brunswikian Music Psychology
Jim Hogge
Nashville, Tennessee
Judgment research at Vanderbilt
Wally R. Smith
Richmond, Virginia
erformance of Physicians at Judging Survival in Congestive Heart Failure
Clare Harries
London, United Kingdom
Research at University College London
Ray W. Cooksey
Armidale, NSW, Australia
Brunswik and Complexity
Ken Hammond & Tom Stewart
"The Essential Brunswik: Beginnings, Explications, Applications"
Kenneth Hammond
Boulder, Colorado
Judgments under stress
Ulrich Hoffrage
Berlin, Germany
Policy Capturing and Multiple Regression: A Married Couple?
Joshua Klayman
Chicago, Illinois
Overconfidence, causal systems, and other people's feelings
Rob Mahan
Athens, Georgia
Simluation, stress, and visualization research in Georgia
Bud Gibson
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Learning and performance in interactive dynamic decision tasks
Neal Dawson
Cleveland, Ohio
Accuracy of physician judgment
Alexander J. Wearing
Melbourne, Australia
Current activities of a more or less Brunswikian nature

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