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The 1985 to 1998 annual meetings of the Brunswik Society were held on the Saturday preceding the Judgment and Decision Society Meeting. In July, 1999, a "stand alone" meeting was held in Boulder, Colorado and in July, 2000, a second stand alone meeting was held in Berlin. Although both meetings were successful and well attended, it was decided in Berlin to resume meeting in conjunction with the Judgment and Decision Making Society so that people could easily attend both meetings. Beginning in 2002, the Psychonomic Society officially included the Brunswik Society meeting in its annual meeting planning. Meetings were not held between 2009 and 2016.

The list below includes all Annual Meetings and some other meetings and symposia related to Brunswik's work. Recipients of the Brunswik Society New Investigator Award and other special awards are also listed.

2021. Twenty-seventh meeting, Virtual

2020. Twenty-sixth meeting, Virtual

2019. Symposium: Innovations in Judgment Research using Brunswik's Lens Model

2017. Twenty-fifth meeting, Vancouver

2009. No meeting. (Statement from Ken Hammond)

2008. Twenty-fourth meeting, Chicago

    Jason Beckstead (New Investigator Award)

2008. "The Original Brunswik" meeting, Landau

2007. Twenty-third meeting, Long Beach

    Julian Marewski (New Investigator Award)

2006. Twenty-second meeting, Houston

    Wolfgang Gaissmaier (New Investigator Award)

2005. Twenty-first meeting, Toronto

    Marcio A. Carvalho (New Investigator Award)
2004. Twentieth meeting, Minneapolis
    Jörg Rieskamp (New Investigator Award)

2003. Ninteenth meeting, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
          100th Anniversary of Brunswik's birth

    Konstantinos V. Katsikopoulos (New Investigator Award)

2002. Eighteenth meeting, Kansas City

    Christopher Anderson (New Investigator Award)

2001. Seventeenth meeting, Orlando

    Louise Gunderson (New Investigator Award)
    Tom Stewart (Special Award)

2000. Sixteenth meeting, Berlin

    Elise Weaver (New Investigator Award)
    Lubomir Kostron (Special "Brunswik-Sherlock" Award)
1999. Fifteenth meeting, Boulder
    Phil Dunwoody (New Investigator Award)
1998. Fourteenth meeting, Dallas
    Clare Harries and Mandeep Dhami (New Investigator Award)
1997. Thirteenth meeting, Philadelphia
    Greg Brake (New Investigator Award)
1996. Twelfth meeting, Chicago
    Elke Kurz (New Investigator Award)
1995. Eleventh meeting, Los Angeles
    Dan Gigone (New Investigator Award)
1994. Tenth meeting, St. Louis
    Peter Juslin (New Investigator Award)
    Ken Hammond (Special Appreciation Award)
1993. Ninth meeting, Washington
    Michael DeKay (New Investigator Award)
    Gerd Gigerenzer (Special Award)*
1992. Eighth meeting, St. Louis
    Barbara Reilly (New Investigator Award)*
1991. Seventh meeting, San Francisco
    Kim Vicente (New Investigator Award)
1990. Sixth meeting, New Orleans
    Marlys Lipe (New Investigator Award, winner of paper competition)
1989. Fifth meeting, Atlanta

1988. Fourth meeting, Chicago

1987. Third meeting, Seattle

1986. Second meeting, New Orleans

1985. First meeting, Boston

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